The Search for my biological roots in Donaldson Creek

By - Harold Dixon

I put it on the end of my thumb, trying to see just what it was that I had picked off my body. I feared it might be one of those notorious deer tickets so famous in Land Between the Lakes. It was very small, so I was watching to see if it moved, and thought to myself that I should fetch my magnifing glass to get a closer look at it. But before I could finished the thought, this tinny object startled me by jumping right at me, and what appeared to be down my shirt. Frantically I brushed out my shirt, brushing my body under my shirt and watching to see if a small roundish object fell from me. I spotted an object, picked it up, and but it on a glass table to watch it. But before anything happened I felt a slight tickle under my shirt just above my belly, and I reached down with my hand and pick at it with my fingernail. This time I didn't hold it close to me but put it on the glass table. It moved! I picked up a cup from the table and smashed it, and the other object too, just to be sure.

This was just another blow to my fanciful grandious plans of coming home and quickly becoming intimate with the land from whence my family linage springs: Land between the Rivers in Western Kentucky.

A product of the diaspora from Land between the Rivers, and like the children of Israel in Babylon, I was born away from my home land; in Wyandotte, Michigan, where my father, leaving LBR, went to work for Ford Motor Company at the history making rate, in that day, of one dollar a day.

Except for around 5 years in my preteen and early teen years, I spent most of my life living away from Land between the Rivers. Thru the years, it's always been my place for vacation, and a place to come to visit my family in the area west of LBL. Every time I came, I'd make sure that I would visit the place where my parents were born, and grew up, and where their parents were born and grew up, and where I trace the roots of my bloodline. There was so much to learn about the place, that I'd make sure to go with a family member that had lived there, and knew the area, where little by little I learned more and more about the land of my family. This proved a mere cursory education, but it was enough to instil within me a sense of home, and also, an abiding anger at my government for forcing my family out of Land Between the Rivers.

Maybe this is why I've always had a strong symphay for the American Indians, who like my family were driven out of their land by the same government that drove my family out of theirs. In a real sense each family from Land Between the Rivers, have their own "trail of tears".

Since moving back to the area near Land Between the Rivers, from talking to family members, I learned that the Dixons came into the Land Between the Rivers thru the Donaldson Creek area. Others, that I'm very grateful for, told me of two Dixon cemeteries just the other side of the Cumberland River in Donaldson Creek.

On the second Sunday of April 2005, I had occasion to seek them out. Having personal business in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, on the way back I decided to try and find them. I had forgotten to bring directions that I had written to the cemeteries, and so decided to trust in the fates to get me their. I made a few wrong turns, but eventually found the Dixon Cemetery off of Highway 164 East.

It was a beautiful Sunday, with the Sun shining bright, and the temperature around 75 degrees. As we pulled up to the cemetery, the Sun was shining thru the trees and casting shadows on the cemetery thru the trees. I was beautiful and easy to see from the car the name "Dixon" on the grave markers.

I grabbed my camara, and said to my wife: I'll take picture of the tombstones, and you write the names and dates on a pad." She said, "I don't want to get out in those weeds, there's ticks in them." But she got out and we began to work.

A Genealogy of the settlement of the Dixons in Donaldson Creek and Land Between the Rivers

Dixon Cemetery - Donaldson Creek, Kentucky - Tombstone Pictures

Mary Calhoon & Thomas Ira Dixon - Mary born Feb. 02, 1872 died Sept. 29, 1947. Thomas born April 02, 1868 died March 05, 1936.

M.T. & J.H. Dixon - M.T. born Sept. 08, 1861 died April 11, 1892. J.H. born Feb. 12, 1860 died August 27, 1936.

Thomas Loyd Dixon - Born Oct. 11, 1907 and died Jan. 01, 1937

Ander - son of J.H. and T.M. Dixon. Born May 16, 1887 died Dec. 26, 1910

Emles Bluford - Born April 27, 1984 died June 12, 1901

Annie Mae Dixon - Born Oct. 12, 1919 died November 19, 1921

Mary J. Dixon - Born Oct. 7, 1932 died Oct. 8, 1932

Martha Jane Dixon - Born November 25, 1837 died April 8, 1883

James Thomas Dixon.- Born April 8, 1834 died Jan. 02, 1910

Mary Fuller - wife of J.T. born April 06, 1846 died Jan. 16, 1927

Ruth D. Fuller - just 1898 to 1967 on marker

Henry Fuller - Husband of Ruth Fuller - no dates

Matilda Adeline Harrell - wife of P.B. Harrell, born Sept. 25, 1845 - Nov. 26, 1894

Dixon - Lancaster Cemetery - Donaldson Creek, Kentucky Tombstone Pictures

John Dixon - Born Feb. 13, 1802 died Sept. 30, 1880

Matilda Dixon - wife of John D. Born August 25, 1812 died May 26, 1894

Martha Jane Dixon - Daugher of John & Matilda Dixon - Born March 05, 1840 died Oct. 26, 1851

Sarah Emily Dixon - Daughter of John & Matilda Dixon - Born June 24, 1851 died November 30, 1857

W.D. Lancaster - Born July 15, 1815 died August 18, 1856

Mary Lancaster - Wife of W.D. Born June 07, 1820 died January 14, 1865

Elizabeth H. - Wife of A. Prutledge Born May 10, 1838 died January 21, 1859

Alphia E. - Wife of R. A. Hicks - Born November 05, 1864 - Aged 22yrs 5 months 4 days