What Can YOU Do?

The Land Between the Lakes has always been one of the best kept secrets around. This was one of its most alluring aspects. Now anonymity is the greatest threat to this huge (by eastern standards) forest ecosystem.

If the information is made available, the answer is obvious. Those who will make the decisions must be made aware that this issue is being watched. Make no mistake, what happens in the hidden LBL will affect every public land in this nation.

* Contact your Congressman. Tell them you are aware of the House Energy and Water subcommittee hearing that occurred June 21. Inform them of the impending legislative proposal and let them know how YOU stand on this issue. Let them know that it is unacceptable for public lands to be managed as commercial businesses.

* INFORM YOUR FRIENDS. This issue must reach the light of day. Bring it before any group or organization you belong to. Ask them what they think about resources being forced from private hands to prevent development, and then managed by agencies in exchange for the revenues that can be generated from development of those resources.

* Add links to this web site from any site you have access to. We must link together.

* If you would like to sign and/or circulate a copy of our petition (see Declaration of Rededication) e-mail us and we will send you a copy, along with the signature sheet.

Would you like to see a waterslide along side Yosemite Falls? Or a pristine fishing and hunting area install golf courses and lake front condominiums? We did not think it could ever happen here, either; but a theme park, golf courses, and condominiums INSIDE the LBL have been proposed by the managing agency (TVA)!

Elected Officials That Need to be Contacted (Often):

If you do not find the name of your favorite elected official here, do not worry. Contact your own favorite as well! This list is of those whose districts are most directly affected by the LBL issue--that is, they know the voters will want to know what position they take on the LBL. You can interest other elected officials by invoking the basic principles involved in this issue. As you look through this website these should become apparent.

There are some issues which our decision makers need to be made aware of. For instance:

Thank you for your efforts. The Land Between the Lakes is a truly special and unique place. Unfortunately, because of the way eminent domain was used to acquire the land, it is also unique in that no legislation was ever passed to place statutory control over the use of the LBL. The future of this priceless resource is up for grabs, and too many powerful interests see only dollar signs. This must be remedied! Your help is vital.

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