Endangered, Threatened and Sensitive
Species in the Land Between the Lakes

The following list is the appendix to the Final Environmental Impact Statement, Vol. 1 for the Natural Resources Management Plan at Land Between the Lakes. It was published in October of 1994.

In light of LBL management's current claim that "preservation" is detrimental to their new emphasis of becoming a leader in the outdoor recreation industry, we thought you might like to see this list.

Many of the objectional developments at LBL have occurred since that management plan and impact statement was released, and were not included for consideration. They have recently even claimed their activities (commercial logging, restaurant and rental cabin construction, etc.) fall under a "categorical exclusion" clause. This by-passes the "inconvenience" of the required public comment period and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review.

An explanation of the codes in the right hand column is provided at the bottom of the list.

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