The Forest Service Era of the LBL Saga Begins

After more than thirty years under TVA management, ending with the total abandonment of the mission (and promises), the LBL has been transferred to the United States Forest Service.

Thus far, the LBL remains in its "transition period", with the management structure and plan in its formative stages. We are watching closely to see whether the Forest Service will succomb to the economic temptations the LBL was created to resist--or will they take the moral, economic, and ecological high road by returning the LBL to its original mission of "no commercialization from the past and, therefore, none in the future."

Pressure from developers will be intense. We must ensure that the public pressure that resulted in LBL's transfer away from TVA remains a factor in the Forest Service's management plans. We are working to open more direct lines of communication with the Forest Service. We are also working to maintain, and create new, lines of communication with other organizations working on similar issues around the nation. LBL remains a test case with significance for the entire nation!

Keep checking back as we update the changes at LBL. Concept Zero takes it as a core part of its mission to assist the Forest Service in any way possible, insofar as they are consistent with the original mission and promises. We vow to be equally vigilant in alerting the public if "mission creep" returns to LBL.

You can assist us in this goal. If you see signs of mission abandonment, please contact us. You can e-mail us by clicking here.

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